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Our remote support Help Desk provides an efficient way to provide immediate support to our customers. It’s convenient and fast. We’ve found that the vast majority of our customer’s technical problems can be resolved over the phone.helpdesk

Over the years, we’ve continually refined our helpdesk, that helps manage and track all tickets that come into the office. This allows us to effectively monitor the steps taken to resolve each issue. Today, we offer customers the benefit of our helpdesk services in various ways including 24 hour service, 7 days a week.

To help users resolve their IT problems quickly and efficiently, DataTel Technology Group offers 24 hour a day helpdesk, 7 days a week. We offer several plans customized to our clients’ needs and expectations. The DataTel Technology Group helpdesk is always reliably staffed with certified network consultants who are ready at a moment’s notice to assist anyone in your organization.

The DataTel Technology Group helpdesk provides a wide range of computer support for all our clients. This includes support for MS Exchange, wireless connections, hardware and software issues. Our helpdesk strives to meet customer expectations. Each request for support we receive is logged into our ticketing system and assigned a priority. The priority establishes the expected due date/time the ticket will be resolved.

Not all help desk support is created equal. With our state of the art helpdesk software, our certified technicians are able to see exactly what is happening on a user’s computer screen — and even take control of the computer when simple instructions aren’t sufficient to troubleshoot the problem. As a result, our helpdesk consultants can resolve most desktop PC problems as if they were standing right beside you. All that’s required is a phone and an Internet connection!

Call DataTel Technology Group at (855) 224-8573 today for more information.

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